Toys R Us confirms UK return in early 2022 in new fan update (2023)


The Toys R Us UK website appears to have been rebranded to reflect its upcoming reopening, with a major "update" announced for tomorrow.

emily sargento-January 4, 2022

Toys R Us confirms UK return in early 2022 in new fan update (2)

Iconic retailer Toys R Us had fans going wild this week after it appeared to provide an update on its long-awaited return to the UK.

You may recall that the beloved toy store chain broke hearts across the country when it sadly went bankrupt in 2018, closing all stores in Greater Manchester and across the country due to a change in consumer habits and, like many traditional physical stores, a struggle to keep up with the rise of online shopping.

but in october2021, it was revealed that Toys R Us is slated toopens its physical doors in the UK once again.

It was announced that the brand would be achieving a "significant milestone".

It was revealed that it had signed an exclusive long-term license agreement to relaunch brick-and-mortar Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores across the UK, with an anticipation that we would start opening this year, and now it has been confirmed that the return of retail, in fact, is for "soon".


The UK Toys R Us website also appears to have beenrenamed aand updated to reflect its upcoming reopening, with a new advance announcement to be posted tomorrow (January 5) at 9 a.m.

Social media has since been awash with buyers anticipating his return to the UK, after the update was sent to fans via email and the website was updated.

Toys R Us confirms UK return in early 2022 in new fan update (3)

While the exact date of when, where, and how many stores will reopen across the country has yet to be confirmed at this time, more could be revealed tomorrow.

When the return of Toys R Us was first announced in October 2021, at the time there was a plan for web sales to UK shoppers to begin in the coming months, and initially the company could look to operate from existing locations in Australia while working to set up local teams, offices and logistics here.

See more information:Toys R Us announces it will return to the UK in 2022


Speaking about the return of the retailer, Louis Mittoni, director of Toys R US ANZ, said: “The adaptation of our successful Australian relaunch plan to the UK echoes the success of other e-commerce 'platform game' businesses that They have generated growth and value. due to its ability to quickly and profitably expand its software, processes, partner relationships and brands into new countries.

“Since Toys”R”Us' return to Australia in June 2019, we have scaled rapidly as customers return to the beloved brand and our e-commerce model has proven successful.

"My team and I look forward to developing technical and business relationships with UK-based suppliers and partners and engaging with the many long-standing customers and loyal fans of Toys 'R' Us in the UK."

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People label Beyonce the 'Peter Kay of pop' as pre-sale sites crash in the race for ticketsdaisy jacksonToys R Us confirms UK return in early 2022 in new fan update (5)

It's happened again, folks: fans managed to stop the O2 Priority website from scrambling to buy tickets, and this time it's Beyonce who put a wrench in the works.

The star, whichannounced his renaissance touryesterday drew hundreds of thousands of music lovers to online pre-order queues.

And the O2 Priority site didn't handle it well, leading to 'Peter to youSuddenly it was trending again on Twitter.

OBoltoncomic also managed to crack the pre-order site with his massive return to the stage last year.

Beyonce has now been labeled the 'Peter Kay of pop,' which is a title that would likely gocaminoAbove his head

O2 Priority apologized for all the trouble fans are experiencing, saying they are "doing everything they can behind the scenes" to deal with the phenomenal demand.

Beyoncé really is the Peter Kay of

— Big Brother Superfan (@BB_Superfan)February 2, 2023

Today's Beyonce pre-order also means thatfinally know what are the ticket pricesthey are like for their renaissance tour.

It looks like standing tickets will cost £106.80, while seated tickets cost between £56.25 and £199.

So VIP packages are VERY expensive, with prices as high as £2,400.

One person tweeted: “What an absolute joke once again O2 #priority even with tickets from Peter Kay and now @Beyonce - app has issues and website sends code only to tell you it's invalid. You knew this was coming and you failed again. A nightmare."

Toys R Us confirms UK return in early 2022 in new fan update (6)
Toys R Us confirms UK return in early 2022 in new fan update (7)

Another said of the pre-order: “The only other person who lost priority is Peter Kay.

Noted Andy Goulding posted, along with a screenshot of an error message: "What do Beyoncé, Peter Kay, and a free Greggs sausage roll on a Friday have in common?"

Another person told O2: “The app doesn't work. You'd think you'd learn after the Peter Kay fiasco.

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It also caused another weird problem because the O2 Priority app also has a promotion for a free Greggs mocha: One person tweeted: "You guys completely crashed the O2 Priority app, I can't even get my free Greggs mocha! Get out of the app!" !!Beyoncé can wait, I need my mocha now!”

A statement from O2 Priority said: "We apologize to anyone experiencing difficulties obtaining Beyoncé tickets through Priority. Tickets are selling out and we are seeing great demand. We are doing everything we can behind the scenes to help the app run smoothly."

Fans were also furious yesterday when Beyonce announced her UK tour dates and they avoided Manchester.

The 41-year-old megastar will play three nights in London at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, plus shows in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Sunderland.

Featured image: BBC/Instagram, @beyonce


Greggs announces return of fan-favorite cake, but vegans are 'gutted' about itemily sargentoToys R Us confirms UK return in early 2022 in new fan update (9)

greggsannounced that one of their fan-favorite vegan cakes is back for a limited time, but vegans aren't too happy about it.

In fact, some go so far as to say that they are quite "gutted".

After teasing his comeback in recent days, with fans of the beloved bakery chain doing intense investigative work to try to figure out what it was, Greggs has finallytook to social media this morningto announce that theVegan Sausage, Beans, and CheeZe Meltit's back on the menu in stores across the country.

The chain explained that after three months of absence from the menu to make way for thevegan holiday roastin November, theVegan Sausage, Beans, and CheeZe Meltis making a comeback and is now available to buy from just £1.90.

Vegan Sausage Bean and CheeZe Melt is back...for a limited

— Greggs (@GreggsOfficial)February 2, 2023

In case you're unfamiliar with baking, the vegan version is designed to mirror the much-loved original.Chorizo, beans and melted cheese, and it's also wrapped in layers of golden puff pastry – but instead of the classic filling, it's stuffed with chunks of vegan sausage, shredded mozzarella cheese, and, of course, baked beans.

Greggs says the cake's return follows "fan demands" encouraging him to reintroduce the item to the menu.

But if social media was any help this morning, it seems those calls were somewhat drowned out by disappointed vegans and meat eaters hoping she'd be the popular one.Vegan Grilled Steakreturning to his place.

Toys R Us confirms UK return in early 2022 in new fan update (10)
Toys R Us confirms UK return in early 2022 in new fan update (11)

"We wanted roast beef", a disgruntled fanwrote in reaction to the newssin twitter

“What happened to the vegan grilled steak? I know I keep talking about this but they don't even stock them in my local Iceland anymore. Irritated,"another fan wrote, whilea third added: “Vegan grilled steak is so much better than vegan sausage, beans, and cheese.”

another fanhe wrote: “Gutted – I was looking forward to the vegan roast beef.”

While some fans seemed happy about it, the general consensus seems to be that the announcement was "very disappointing" after waiting all week to find out they would be back.

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For the disappointed fans though, Greggs has already launched a fresh selection of new meatless menu items this month, with the introduction of theVegan Southern Fried Chicken Free Baguette, Chicken Free Vegan Goujons, Chicken Free Vegan Cajun Roll,miWarm Winter Vegetable Soup.

OVegan Sausage, Beans, and CheeZe MeltIt is now available in all Greggs stores in the UK.

Featured Image – Greggs

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