Pat Herrity Announces 2023 Springfield Supervisor Candidacy - Pat Herrity – Springfield Supervisor (2023)

West Springfield, Virginia –Today Supervisor Pat Herrity announced his re-election campaign for Springfield District Supervisor on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Herrity said: “Since I last ran for office, we have faced unfathomable challenges; From a global pandemic to historic unemployment, unprecedented obstacles for our entrepreneurs, disrupted education and record inflation...we live in a different world than we did four years ago and I can't think of a more critical time when we need experience leadership in Board of Trustees supervisors.

For that reason, today I am announcing my campaign for re-election for the Springfield District Supervisor on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.”

Pat Herrity has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2008 after 25 years of active leadership in business, sport and civil society. Raised in Fairfax County, he graduated from West Springfield High School in 1978 with an accounting degree from Virginia Tech.

During his tenure on the board, he has repeatedly demonstrated that he is a "achiever" solely focused on improving the lives of Fairfax County residents. From transportation to education to business and responsible development, Pat's track record speaks for itself. Full details of selected achievements, key issues, experiences, and his business, community and civic background can be found on his website

Herrity continued, "This campaign is about you, the residents of Fairfax County, and the trials we have faced over the past four years. We need someone to represent us who has the experience and track record to continue delivering results for the county. I humbly consider myself best suited to serve our community. I have proudly scrutinized the excesses of the Council and made sure that every decision made considered the impact it would have on every resident of our county. I look forward to meeting you and your families throughout the campaign over the next ten months as we look forward to continuing the great work we have done to date.”

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors election will take place on November 7, 2023. Pat is available this afternoon for questions about the announcement. Please contact usKyle@pathrity.orgto make an appointment. For more information on Pat Herrity, See his announcement speech below.


Pat Herrity
announcement speech
26 January 2023

"Welcome. Thank you for joining me here at West Springfield High School this morning. As most of you know, this is my home. It all started here, I grew up on Rolling Road in Portree Court.

It was there that I learned about the county from one of its great leaders and my father, former Chairman Jack Herrity. I learned not only about the county and its problems, but also about leadership and most importantly, about public service.
My father loved this county - he actually attended board meetings until his death. I share your great passion for public service and the county we love so dearly.

I began my public service early in life and during my successful business career. I have received their highest honors in leadership from the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce and the Northern Virginia Technology Council. I organized a sports league and coached several sports teams. I was also a leader in my local civic associations.

Sixteen years ago, I made the decision to take this public service to the next level and run to become a Springfield District Supervisor because I didn't like the direction the district was taking. Taxes had doubled from $2,400 to $4,800 in 8 years, our teachers' salaries were falling, and we were stuck in traffic.

The citizens of Springfield District trusted me and in 2007 elected me their supervisor. They re-elected me in 2011, 2015 and 2019. Since I last ran for office, we have faced incredible challenges; From a global pandemic to historic unemployment, unprecedented hurdles for our entrepreneurs, disrupted education and record inflation... we live in a different world than we did four years ago, and I can't think of a more critical time to need the strength experienced leadership in the supervisory board.

During those years we have accomplished a lot to make Springfield Township and Fairfax County a better place:

  • I led two rounds of pension reform efforts to address the county's unsustainable pension plans and balance our compensation program.
  • I was the only overseer to call for the reopening of schools, as other communities across the country have successfully done.
  • I am leading efforts to combat rising crime and the public safety workforce crisis, and I am calling for pay rises and decent hiring for our officers.
  • As Chair of the Council's Seniors Committee, I led the development of the Fairfax County 50+ Committee's award-winning plan of action to make the county a better place for our seniors.
  • I've led the effort that took the first steps towards lowering taxes for seniors.
  • I started the Seniors COVID Response Plan. With 95% of Fairfax County's COVID-related deaths being adults over the age of 50, seniors have been the hardest-hit demographic in our community. The plan was developed with feedback from online focus groups to address the key issues of social isolation, lack of access to technology and well-being of our seniors.
  • I led the successful attempt to stop the 10 percent food tax, which was overwhelmingly rejected by Fairfax County voters.
  • I'm the only boss recommending efficiency gains and budget cuts to address the 50 percent increase in homeowner taxes over the past decade.
  • I led efforts to lower the county's machinery and tool tax, which was four times higher than neighboring jurisdictions and unfairly taxed our small manufacturers and breweries.
  • As I did in 2016, in 2022 I asked the Board to reaffirm our commitment to protecting the ecologically sensitive Occoquan watershed.
  • I am the only supervisor to receive the President's Award from the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers for my leadership in improving teacher pay.
  • I led efforts to renovate this very school (West Springfield High School) after it was forgotten in the renovation line.
  • I led efforts to reform county zoning and the permitting process to reform siled processes and a “no” culture.
  • We've renovated the Pohick Library, we have an exciting new driving range and clubhouse at Burke Lake Park, and you can play Go Ape on the high ropes course at South Run Park. I am currently funding a number of hiking trails and other improvements at Burke Lake Park which have resulted in additional funding from the Park Foundation.
  • Each year, I work with my fellow council members to organize job and opportunity fairs for teens across the county.
  • I am honored to have been recognized by the Sun Gazette as Fairfax County's Best Public Servant for the past six years.
  • I founded and direct the County Sports Tourism Task Force to diversify county revenue streams with tourism funds and build quality sports facilities for our community. I look forward to opening the county's first sports touring facility, Patriot Park North, this year and moving the indoor downhill facility further along the I-95 Embankment.
  • Every summer I host a series of free concerts at Burke Lake Park - the largest series of any county in the county.
  • Led efforts to remove the plague of illegal signs from our streets
  • I lead efforts to address begging as a public safety issue in the county. I could list so much more.

I could list many more.

I still have a passion for doing things that make Fairfax County a better place. Sixteen years later, I still have a passion for using my business skills and my knowledge of the countrykeep spending under control and stop the ever-rising tax burdenwith our residents. Average homeowner taxes have increased more than 50% over the past 10 years -- 6.7% in the last year alone, despite more than $1 billion in federal funding for COVID -- a rate that is unsustainable. I always remind the board of our policy and the bond agency's policy against spending one-time monies on recurring expenses. I will continue to provide ways to prioritize, improve efficiency and control costs.

Many of our graduates and seniors are leaving the county. I still have the passion for itmore jobs and our economythen our kids will have high-paying jobs and stay in Fairfax County and raise their families. We must continue to improve our zoning, permitting and regulatory environment so that we can build and grow businesses in the county that lower the cost of living, provide affordable housing and create places that keep our graduates and seniors here.

I still have the passion for itmake our school system the best in the nationDirect resources to the classroom and teachers and students, not administrators and administrative burdens. To support our teachers who are dealing with the impact of two years without face-to-face classes on our students. Focus on academics so that all our children have the opportunity to succeed in life. We must celebrate performance and excellence, not punish them.

I still have the passion for itProtect our suburban neighborhoodsthe plague, crime and gangs. We still have much more to do in the fight against rising crime rates, the opioid/fentanyl public health crisis, human trafficking and gangs. We must give our police department the resources and support it needs to attract, train and retain the best officers to make our community the safest jurisdiction of its size in the country. I want to lead the development of the award-winning 50+ Community Action Plan follow-up plan with actionable, actionable, and accessible initiatives to improve the lives of our seniors. I want to continue my efforts with the Sports Tourism Task Force to diversify our tax base and economy and bring new and exciting sports venues to the county such as an indoor track and indoor skiing.

I still have the passion for itcope with traffic congestionthat prevent our residents from enjoying the quality of life they deserve. We have more than $600 million in transportation improvements in the Springfield Borough, including the expansion of the Fairfax County Parkway (with a separate level crossing at the dangerous junction of Popes Head Road); Construction of Shirley Gate Road Extension; widening of routes 28, 29 and the rolling road; Adding turn lanes (including at 50 and Waples Mill Road); the extension of the VRE multi-storey car park on Rollede Landstrasse; Intersection improvements (including Post Forest Drive and Random Hills Road); and safety improvements such as the realignment of the Burke Road curve and Orange Hunt safe routes for school improvements.

I want to make sure the county focuses transportation funding on projects that reduce congestion for our residents. I want to review the safety improvements we are working on at Lee Chapel Road and the Fairfax County Parkway. Last year I had the honor of being appointed to the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, where I will have a say in the use of $6 billion in state and local transportation.

I also still have the passion forserve to protect and control the excesses of the majority of the Council, and make sure every decision you make considers the impact it will have on every resident of our county. It's important that all sides of a decision are considered, as an open and honest dialogue will always lead you to a better answer.

Fairfax County is facing many changes with the resignations of Supervisor Foust and Supervisor Gross, economic challenges, the possibility of a recession, rising crime rates, declining enrollment etc. The need for an experienced voice on the board is clear.

As I pondered my decision to seek re-election or run for chairman, I reached out to voters across the county. What I heard loud and clear from both Republicans and Democrats was the need for balance, the need for common sense, a conservative voice, the need for experience, the need for an official focused on local issues and not on divisive national issues.

Public service isn't about what you want to do, it's about doing what's right for the community.

This county will always be vital to me, but the borough of Springfield is my home. It's such an important part of my life, my family's life, our past, present and future.

So I will ask the people of Springfield Borough to give me an opportunity to complete the many things we have going on here in Springfield Borough, an opportunity to help shape the direction of Fairfax County by being the voice of common sense . to the Board of Directors and re-elect me as your Springfield District Supervisor.

This campaign is about you, the residents of Fairfax County, and the trials we have faced over the past four years. We need someone to represent us who has the experience and track record to continue delivering results for the county. I humbly consider myself best suited to serve our community. I take pride in reviewing the Council's majority excesses to ensure decisions are made with all sides considered. I look forward to meeting you and your families throughout the campaign over the next ten months as we look forward to continuing the great work we have done so far.

Thank you again for being here. And thank you for putting your trust in me. I count on the help of all of you and solemnly promise to be a public servant with your best interests at heart.

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