Marilyn Monroe - biography WHO'S WHO (2023)

Marilyn Monroe, whose real name is Norma Jeane Baker, was born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, the daughter of unmarried film editor Gladys Pearl Mortenson.

The identity of the father is considered uncertain. Even as a child, she was considered difficult to train and mentally unstable. When she was still in elementary school, she was placed with a foster family. In her new home, Monroe was raised with a heavy hand and strictly in accordance with the Christian faith. When Monroe was seven years old, she returned to her parents' house. In the same year, her mother fell into a deep depression and she was admitted to a sanitarium. Norma Jean was fostered by the parents of her childhood friend Grace McKee until she was nine years old. Monroe was considered an orphan and was therefore placed in foster care. However, her relationship with her friend Grace was maintained and after two years he returned to her. After being sexually abused by her new adoptive father, 12-year-old Monroe found refuge with an estranged aunt in the family. After her illness, she had to return to her adoptive family. In 1941, at age 15, Monroe finished school with a high school diploma. Since she was not yet of legal age and she did not want to go to her foster family or home, she married James Dougherty when she was 16 years old.

When her husband was drafted for military service in 1943, she began working in a factory. She was chosen for Army propaganda photo shoots to represent American women whose husbands served in the war. She got to know the zeitgeist and American taste so well that she had an entire series of photos published in an Army magazine. These first successes of hers as a pin-up only provoked her private discussions, since her husband was extremely jealous. Norma Jean Baker felt validated in her work and applied to model in 1945. To comply with the agency's wishes, she dyed her red hair straw blonde. She received classes in posing and running. After a few weeks, under the name Norma Jean, she became the agency's most in-demand model and appeared on numerous magazine covers. In 1946, Monroe's first marriage ended in divorce. In 1948, she received her first film contract with 20th Century Fox. As the film company did not believe her name was star-worthy, she decided to adopt her mother's maiden name, Monroe. Marilyn was chosen as her first name. However, during her two-year contract, she only made two films in which she appeared in small supporting roles.

At Columbia, Monroe landed her first leading role in 1949's "Ladies of the Chorus," in which she also sang. In order to have more work for her and her new boyfriend, Johnny Hyde, she had her nose and chin done. Beginning in 1951, she returned in front of the camera to 20th Century Fox on a seven-year contract. Numerous typical fabrics of the time have already been filmed with Monroe. The first leading role of hers came in 1953 in Niagara. That same year, Monroe made her international breakthrough with How to Make a Millionaire and Blondes Prefer, during which she became an American sex symbol. Although she starred in the title role and her part netted millions in the strips, her mismanagement led to her receiving 20th Century Fox's lowest rate for a supporting role. In 1954, Monroe married baseball star Joe DiMaggio, twelve years her senior. than her, who suffered from her popularity. filming continuedbilly savageThe hit comedy The Seven Year Itch, in which Monroe's white dress is blown by the wind in the subway shaft, has become one of the most iconic images in movie history ever since.

Her marriage to DiMaggio ended in divorce within the first year. Monroe moved from Los Angeles to New York for a year to pursue acting training at Actors Studios. There she learned the drama teacherLee Strasbergand the authorarturo millerget together. Monroe then returned to Hollywood and was on camera for "Bus Stop." It was after this work that she received her first praise from film critics. With the encouragement of Miller, whom she married in 1956, she founded Marilyn Monroe Productions in 1957, which shortly thereafter co-founded The Prince and the Dancer.laurence oliveroff. His mood worsened and the second child she wanted died again in a miscarriage, so he briefly consulted child psychologist Anna Freud, daughter ofSigmund Freud, entered treatment. In 1960 the cartoon "Let's do it in love" was created.Yves Montand, with whom Monroe had a brief affair. By then she was already addicted to the pills that made her wake up in the morning and sleep at night.

The consequences were permanent mood swings, exhaustion, and memory loss. After Arthur Miller admitted to having an affair with another woman, that marriage also ended in 1960 and Monroe was committed to psychiatry by her analyst. She was raised over the next few months by her second husband, DiMaggio. On her friendship with the presidentjohn f kennedy, with whom he would also have a love affair, Monroe met his brotherrobert f kennedy. In 1961 he completed his last film with "Misfits-Not Socially Acceptable". In 1962, he began filming "Somethings Got to Give."Dean Martin. But here too, as in previous works, he could barely hold his text for a few minutes, making the collaboration a test of nerves for everyone involved. Production on "Something's Got To Give" was left unfinished. On the night of August 4/5, 1962, Monroe was found unconscious by her housekeeper in Brentwood.

Marilyn Monroe was officially pronounced dead at Los Angeles Hospital in the early morning of August 5, 1962.Marilyn Monroe - biography WHO'S WHO (1)

1947 - "Anyone can see I love you"

1947 - "Every baby needs a daddy"

1950 - "Oh! What an advanced young man you are!"

1953 - "Kiss" / from "Niagara"

1953 - "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" with Jane Russell from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

1953 - "Two Little Rock Girls" in "Blondinen bevorzugt"

1953 - "When love goes wrong" from "I Prefer Blondes"

1953 - "Bye Bye Baby" from "I Prefer Blondes"

1953 - "The Jack Benny Show"

1954 - "Kiss me again"

1954 - "Someone Shot Me"

1954 - "Down in the meadow" from "The River of No Return"

1954 - "I'm going to present my claim" from "River of No Return"

1954 - "A Silver Dollar" from "The River of No Return"

1954 - "River of No Return" from "River of No Return"

1954 - "There is no business like show business"

1954 - "Heat Wave" from "Rhythm in the Blood"

1954 - "Lazy" from "Rhythm in the Blood"

1954 - "Once You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It" from "Rhythmus im Blut"

1954 - "A beautiful romance"

1954 - "Act like a woman should"

1954 - "You'd Be Surprised"

1955 - "Chopsticks" de "The Seven Year Itch"

1956 - "That Old Black Magic" in "Bus Stop"

1957 - "I Found a Dream" from "The Prince and the Ballerina"

1959 - "I Wanna Be Loved by You" de "Some Like It Hot"

1959 – "I'm Done With Love" from "Some Like It Hot"

1959 - "Running Wild" de "Some Like It Hot"

1960 – "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" from "Let's Make Love"

1960 - "Incurably Romantic" from "Let's Make Love"

1960 - "Specialization" from "Let's Make Love"

1960 – "Let's Make Love" from "Let's Make Love"

1962 – "Congratulations, Mr. President" live for John F. Kennedy

1947 - Dangerous years
1948 – Sommergewitter / ¡Scudda Hoo! Scudda here!
1948 - I Dance in Your Heart / Choir Ladies
1950 - Die Marx-Brothers im Theatre / Love Happy
1950 - A Ticket to Tomahawk
1950 - Asphalt-Jungle / The asphalt jungle''
1950 - Tudo Sobre Eva / Tudo Sobre Eva
1950 - Feuerball / The Ball of Fire
1950 - Right Hooks / Right Cross
1951 - Hometown Story
1951 - As young as you feel
1951 - Liebesnest / Love Nest
1951 - Machen wir is legal / Let's make it legal
1952 - Before the new day ('''' Clash of night
1952 - We are not married
1952 - Temptation in 809 / Don't worry about crashing
1952 - Honey, I'm Getting Younger / Monkey Business
1952 - Four Perlen / Full House de O. Henry
1953 - Niagara / Niagara
1953 - Gentlemen prefer blondes
1953 - How do you catch a millionaire? / How to marry a millionaire
1954 - River of no return
1954 - Rhythmus im Blut / There's No Business Like Show Business
1955 - The Seven Year Itch
1956 - Bus Stop / Bus Stop
1957 - The Prince and the Showgirl
1959 - Some like it hot
1960 - Let's make love
1961 - Misfits - Unsociable / Misfits
1962 - Something has to give

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