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How to open a coffee shop

Coffee shop equipment needed to open a coffee shop

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What equipment do you need to open a coffee shop?

The definitive guide to coffee shop equipment

Opening a coffee shop involves a lot of moving parts. An essential element of your coffee business will ultimately be deciding on the type of equipment that will allow you to serve your customers.

Since commercial coffee shop equipment isn't cheap, it's best to do most of your research before buying anything.

Get real control over yourselfcoffee equipment optionsthat live within youcafe budgetIt is an important aspect of successfully starting any coffee business.

Fortunately, you don't have to waste your money when it comes to equipment for your coffee shop. Under developmentyourscoffee concept, encoding your idea in acoffee shop business plan, and making smart decisions about coffee equipment will help you save the money you need to open your coffee shop.

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Your coffee equipment questions

UsComplete coffee starter kitcontains one houraudio interview streamdiscussing various aspects about coffee shop equipment that you will want to hear.

What coffee equipment do I need to open a coffee shop?


smallOur cafe equipment decisions should be based on your menu, budget and cafe concept.

Ask yourself what kind of food and drinkdo you intend to serve your customers? Will you be serving breakfast and lunch? Will you be offering ice cream and sandwiches? Baked goods;

When it comes to coffee equipment decisions, youcafe menu boarddecides everything.

It's no secret that your location will also play a key role in the decision to serve your customers.

Different customers have different needs. Consider coffee or fast food chains changing their menu slightly depending on where they are located to meet the needs of local customers.

Coffee Equipment You Need to Open a Coffee Shop | newly established coffee shops (3)To maintain your sales goals from month to month, you need to meet what your customers want.

Sometimes it won't always be easy to understand what they like. You need to research, ask questions and listen.

I recently met a cafe owner who spent three months making different cakes, pies and pastries to see which products his neighbors and local community members liked best. He took the opportunity to decide what he wanted to bake.

One of the biggest mistakes coffee shop owners make is building a coffee business conceptbased on amenuthis is not attractive to your customer base.

So to define what your cafe menu will be… you need to know your customers.

Brewing coffee or kitchen equipment to prepare, store and serve menu items can be expensive, especially if they can't afford it through sales.

Doing the necessary research, such as asking potential customers what they like to eat, is a good start. It's not rocket science. Just work and listen a lot. We have a detailed list of coffee equipment below.

Developing your cafe equipment list

Your cafe menu will determine your equipment needs

Your menu will ultimately determine your coffee equipment needs,which will often have ripple effects in other areas of your coffee business startup.

This includes things like space for your desiredcafe design and layout.

For now, let's assume you've decided which menu items to go with.

Depending on what you serve, you will need specific equipment that the health department expects you to store and serve your customers safely.That's why, before your health permit is approved, you'll usually be asked to submit menu items, often along with specific ingredients, as well as how the menu is prepared, stored and served.

There is no doubt that your menu and equipment also influence the design of your cafe.Besides, if you need at least 3 sinks, a prep table, a commercial refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, grease trap, etc., how will that affect your space needs?

How these factors will influence your decision to sign yourscoffee shop rental, choose the perfect onecoffee shop locationDo you want to change your original business idea or adapt to your ever-changing budget needs?

Further changes to your coffee shop menu, coffee shop business concept and coffee shop equipment should take into account the end needs of customers.Regardless of what you decide to serve, there are some important things to consider when it comes to your coffee equipment.

We will list some of them below.

But first, your cafe menu

Coffee Equipment You Need to Open a Coffee Shop | newly established coffee shops (4)

As you can see in the image above, your coffee shop equipment needs will be based on your menu.Ultimately, your menu depends on your customers. Therefore, knowing your target market and meeting the market's needs will help you determine your coffee shop equipment needs.

In addition, the type of coffee business will also play an important role in your decision making. For example, if you have adrive-thru cafeteriathecoffee truck, your equipment choices should consider your plumbing, water supply, and available power source.

That said, there are a few basic things you'll need to serve your coffee and meet the needs of local agencies like the health department.

Having decided on your cafe menu and equipment, you will need to find the right space for your coffee business. Your space will need to accommodate all sinks, prep tables, commercial refrigerators, storage, grills, etc.

Finally, your coffee shop equipment decisions will always depend on your budget.Your coffee shop equipment is what makes your coffee business possible, so you want to invest in quality products that won't break down when you need them most.

Additional reading:Requirements for opening a coffee shop

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Coffee equipment list

Your budget and your coffee equipment

When shopping for your coffee equipment, you'll no doubt be thinking about your budget.

"Can I buy this espresso machine?" and "Do I really need this type of grinder?" or "Can I save money by choosing a different refrigerator?"

What is the right decision?

The final budget for your cafe should align with your menu concept and ideas.If they don't line up properly, then some adjustment is needed in your concept or menu.

Never compromise the quality of your tools to make money. That said, is there a way to save money on your coffee equipment? Yes,but it requires planning and requires you to look carefully at what you want to achieve with your coffee business.

While you may not need a shiny new refrigerator or shiny toaster oven, you will need reliable coffee grinders and an espresso machine. Keep in mind that the latest coffee equipment saves energy and is generally more environmentally friendly.

Allow plenty of time to shop around for good deals on equipment, find discounts, and/or negotiate with existing coffee equipment companies or suppliers.

To learn more about opening an eco-cafe, read:How to open a sustainable coffee shop.

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Coffee equipment list

General catalog of coffee equipment


commercial espresso machine

commercial coffee grinders
Drip coffee makers
POS (Point of Sale) System
Toasters, Ovens

ice machines




pitchers of foam

syrup pumps

porcelain mugs

Organizer for cups, lids and straws

Paper (includes paper cups, takeout containers, napkins, toilet paper, etc.)

hot water dispensers

Furniture (tables, chairs and benches)

Small items (knives, spoons, ladles, etc.)

beat box
Water heater
Sink with 3 compartments and sink for washing hands
professional sink mop
Exterior Decoration Lighting
menu boards
trade grease trap
Milk jugs/thermometers
syrup grates/pumps
water purification system
Cold brewing systems
Freezers and Refrigerators
hot water dispenser

This is not a complete list of coffee shops. Your complete list depends entirely on your menu, your concept, your budget and your space. However, these types of coffee equipment listed above will get you started.

Coffee Equipment You Need to Open a Coffee Shop | newly established coffee shops (7)

Coffee equipment you may need:

The following coffee equipment listed below is for a typical brick and mortar coffee shop. Let's take a look at them in no particular order:

Your espresso machine:

There are many espresso machines that you can use in your coffee shop. But since youespresso machinewill be the heart of your coffee production venture, it is important to choose the right one.

You must have a quality espresso machine that meets the highest demands of your business throughout the day.Depending on the volume of sales you will have during the day, you may consider having a "2-group" or "3-group" espresso machine. These groups refer to the number of portafilters a machine has.

In general, I don't recommend having just one "one group" espresso machine. However, you may be limited in space as well as other factors. However, I like the idea of ​​planning for growth.

You wantchoose an espresso machinethat will work efficiently to meet the peak hours of your daily coffee business, within your space and budget.

Every espresso machine requires some plumbing and a certain amount of power. This is especially important fordrive-thru coffee stalls, mobile coffee trailers and coffee kiosks.

Commercial Coffee Grinders:

You will probably need two grinders (one for espresso and one for decaf or drip). Professional coffee grinders are important for many reasons, including the consistency and superior quality of your coffee.

Commercial coffee grinders are very good at insulating the coffee from the heat generated during the grinding process, affecting the taste. But even more importantly, it affects the size consistency of each coffee bean.

Coffee grind size is important to extract the perfect shot of espresso. Choosing a commercial coffee grinder that allows you to perfectly "dial" your coffee and deliver the perfect dose will be an important factor in the quality of coffee you serve.

These commercial coffee grinders can be very fancy and help you get the perfect amount of espresso before you squeeze it.

You may also want a third coffee grinder for your coffee maker. Their drip coffee maker produces black coffee, which is a staple in many coffee shops.

Other devices for making coffee:

In addition to your espresso machine and commercial coffee maker, you may have other brewing devices. They can include drinkware, manual espresso machines, Aeropress and siphons.

Coffee Equipment You Need to Open a Coffee Shop | newly established coffee shops (8)

Three-compartment sink:

A three-compartment sink is an absolute must for your cafe or coffee shop. The reason is that you should always wash, rinse and sanitize the dishes.

In addition, you will need a separatesink to wash handsto ensure you and staff can wash their hands. This is usually required for most traditional cafes or coffee shops.

A food/coffee truck and espresso stands may also be required depending on your menu. Be sure to check your local health department code to verify your needs. While these may not be the most expensive items, the placement of sinks will affect your workflow and space needs.

A sink/mop cupboard:

A mop sink is a special sink that has a floor drain. It is made to use mop with which you are going to clean the floor. The health department wants you to have a mop that drains well and can be used to quickly clean up any spills that may occur or can be used in the natural course of keeping a clean business.

Certain minimum and maximum water temperatures may also be a requirement for using the mop closet, so check with your local health department.

For obvious hygiene and disease prevention reasons, you cannot use a sink to wash your hands or prepare food as a mop sink.

A fat trap:

Fats, oils and grease wreak havoc on municipal drains as well as your own plumbing systems. Many city and county governments want you in business, but they don't want you messing with the sewers. A grease trap is often required. Grease traps are small traps that collect grease and fats before they leave your business.

A professional water heater:

Your access to hot water will be important. A commercial grade water heater that fillsquicklycan provide hot water for all your needs (hand washing, dish washing).

A commercial water heater or hot water tank will ensure that you have enough hot water to last all day at an appropriate temperature level.

Commercial refrigerator:

A good commercial refrigerator that maintains a constant temperature while opening and closing continuously throughout the day is important.

The constant temperature of milk and other foods and condiments will be a requirement of the health department.

Depending on your space and needs, the size of your refrigerator may vary. You can have smaller under-the-counter refrigerators or large cabinets.

Commercial ice maker or freezer:

Ice is a key ingredient in many of their drinks. You'd be surprised how much ice a coffee shop uses – even in the winter months. There are a variety of ice machines in various sizes. Like refrigerators, they require specific space, power and plumbing.

Coffee Equipment You Need to Open a Coffee Shop | newly established coffee shops (9)

Commercial Blenders:

Commercial blenders will help you create smoothies, frappes and other drinks. From fruit to espresso drinks, you'll definitely use your blenders.

Commercial dishwasher:

Professional dishwashers are practical and essential for cleaning and sanitizing your utensils and dishes.

Water filtration system:

Installing a water filtration system is both necessary and practical. Depending on where you serve your coffee and the quality of your local water, you will need a filtration system. A filter system that removes debris and bacteria will be needed to satisfy many health departments.

Work table and food preparation in a cafeteria:

If you prepare your own food, including sandwiches, bagels, salads orpanini,you may need a prep table separate from your other items.

Your food preparation table is a table for just that – preparing your food. They are not places to store your cash register or espresso machine. Some counties may be more demanding than others, so consider doing some homework.

These are just a few of the items you will need for your coffee shop. If you buy an existing coffee shop, make sure you have the equipment purchase separately in writing. Check which items are included in the deal sale.

If you're starting from scratch, meaning you won't have coffee shop equipment, be aware of menu decisions and how they'll affect results, equipment you need, design needs, and space requirements.

Small products and different types of coffee:

If you're making coffee, you'll need a few essential items like a stainless steel carafe, twisted foam spoons, cups, tampers, beater boxes, thermometers, syrup pumps, spice organizers, and other items.

You will also need cups or ceramics to serve the coffee. Small items and sundries are important to running your coffee shop, but "big" purchases can overshadow them. So make sure you budget for these items as well.

A point of sale system:

Cafe POS systems are essential for processing sales transactions. Without a reliable POS system for a coffee shop, it will be difficult to generate money. Fortunately, there are quite a fewgood POS systems for coffee shopsavailable to choose from depending on your sales volume and data collection needs.

Cafe furniture and accessories:

While furniture and fixtures are generally not considered “cafeteria equipment,” you should consider the cost of furniture and fixtures. Items such as chairs, benches, tables and benches may be needed. In addition, you may also need to purchase outdoor furniture.

A sugar and creamer station may also be required or recommended for purchase and installation. The equipment includesindoor and outdoor lighting.

Coffee Equipment You Need to Open a Coffee Shop | newly established coffee shops (10)

Your coffee shop equipment needs it

What about your POS cash register?

Coffee Equipment You Need to Open a Coffee Shop | newly established coffee shops (11)Another important element of the cafe is the registration of the point of sale of your coffee orTANK. ONEPDV the cafeteriait is essentially your fund.

When you start planning your coffee shop, you should consider researching your point of sale system beforehand, as there are many different options.

Every year there seems to be more and more iPad or tablet based POS registrations.

Of course, everyone has their ownPros and consfor your specific coffee business. Your point of sale system will be an important piece of coffee shop equipment that you will depend on.

But what is the best POS system for your cafe?

Read our detailed article andPOS cafe recommendations here.

Cafe equipment regulations

Now that we've talked in general about the coffee equipment you'll need, you should also be aware that not all equipment is created equal. Because the equipment you need will be used for preparation and customer service, your equipment will often need to be commercial grade.

For example, your refrigerators or ice machines may need to be commercial grade, which allows them to stay cold at a certain temperature when they are opened and closed throughout the day.

Creating the right infrastructure to 'house' your equipment will also be important. For example, your espresso machine will probably need a 220V outlet, power supply and plumbing (if they don't already exist).

Also, some excellent quality espresso machines are made for "home use". This may mean that the materials it is made of are different. Some commercial machines have different standards that ensure certain chemicals do not leach into the water. So this may (or may not) influence your coffee equipment decisions.

With these variables in mind, you should check with your county health department for any specific regulations. You should also contact your local building department. Most building departments offer predetermined guidelines for catering facilities.

These additional regulations are put in place for safety reasons and are often strongly enforced before you receive your health permit. So keep that in mind as you move forward with your coffee equipment purchase.

Putting it all together…

In your coffee shop business plan

Developing your cafe concept, cafe menu and cafe budget will help you make your cafe equipment choices. It will provide a framework on which to base your next steps. Having a coffee shop business plan will be important to the ultimate success of your business (and will save you money!)

Be sure to start writing your owncoffee shop business plan. UsComplete coffee starter kitcontains a coffee shop business plan template and explanations you will need if you need help. Our business plan will save you about 12-15 hours of research.

A coffee shop business plan will…

  • organize your thoughts
  • Make sure you've thought of everything.
  • Develop your budget

Coffee Equipment You Need to Open a Coffee Shop | newly established coffee shops (12)

Coffee Equipment You Need to Open a Coffee Shop | newly established coffee shops (13)

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