10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (2023)

The Business Model Canvas is a tool developed for the strategic management of your company. It is a visual representation of a company's business plan, which includes various building blocks that describe all the elements that affect the operation of the brand. The term was first coined in 2005 by Alexander Osterwalder in his PhD thesis.

As you can see, this is a very useful tool to always keep your startup vision in mind. For example, a screenshot of a food business template can help you identify which menu items are best for your brand. Next, we'll go into more detail about the business model canvas and look at some examples. Continue reading.

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Business model canvas elements

However, before you start studying a business model canvas, it is important to understand its components. Since its inception in 2005, the Business Model Canvas has consisted of nine building blocks that run across all company functions.

Once you have a good understanding of these nine elements, you can start studying a coffee shop business model display example or any other industry that interests you. Below we will explain in more detail what these nine building blocks indicate:

  • Core Activities – In this section, you should write down all the activities that make your value proposition possible. For example, a core activity for a coffee shop business model canvas example would be roasting beans.
  • Core resources – this is another section that deals with the infrastructure of the company. In fact, this element includes all the resources needed to produce what the business offers. In the previous coffee shop example, key resources would include coffee beans and trained baristas.
  • Key Partners – This network includes all other businesses with which the company has cultivated relationships. These can be suppliers, manufacturers and other service providers.
  • Value propositions – this element includes all the products and services that the company offers to its customers. It's the main product they sell and the reason customers keep coming back.
  • Customer Segments – This section of the business model canvas examples explains the company's target audience. This is critical to your success, whether you are a startup or a legacy company.
  • Channels – In this section of the diagram, you should note all the channels customers can use to achieve your value proposition. In the food business model canvas example, the channels could be the restaurant itself or a food delivery app.
  • Customer Engagement – ​​This part of all business model canvas examples shows how a company plans to attract new customers, how to convert them into repeat customers, and how to increase revenue from them.
  • Cost Structure – the element analyzes the costs of the business. Of course, you should not neglect variable costs that can vary from month to month.
  • Sources of Income – As the name suggests, this section includes all the possible ways in which the business becomes profitable.

10 business model screen examples

Creating a sample business model screen from scratch can seem like a daunting process at first. That's why you'll find plenty of examples below for inspiration, whether it's a food business mockup screenshot or a cafe business template screenshot.

1. Business Model Coffee Shop Screen

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First, we'll start with a coffee shop business template sample. This is one of the simplest examples of a business model screen, as a cafe is a business with a very limited scope. This means that you can easily keep track of the products offered in the store, as well as all the other main components.

As you can see from this example, the main value propositions of a cafe are the drinks and food on the menu, as well as the welcoming atmosphere. The remainder of the screen focuses on how business processes drive these value propositions to contribute to revenue streams.

2. Business Model for Food Screen (McDonald's)

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A sample business model for dining can start relatively small, like the sample coffee shop business model we saw above. However, as the business expands, so does the business model screenshot. This can easily be seen in the case of McDonald's.

Here in this example there is no longer a single restaurant, but a fast food chain. This means their most lucrative revenue streams are licensing and restaurant locations as the organization has expanded across the globe. Also, this sample food business template example should be constantly changing to meet the dietary needs of your target audience. For example, the inclusion of healthy menu items will address a new customer segment that will increase McDonald's existing revenue streams.

3. Apple Business Model Canvas

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (4)

Starting with the food industry, it is also important to look at examples of business model displays from other industries. In this case, you can check and analyze the sample screen of Apple's business model.

The tech giant offers a strong value proposition, which is a premium smartphone, accompanied by tons of apps and accessories. These products are aimed at tech enthusiasts who remain loyal to the brand. This creates an interesting cycle that continues to generate sales and profits for the company.

An interesting element that we didn't see in the previous food business model display example is that Apple keeps operating costs low by controlling its manufacturing partners. This allows the company to have and maintain a high profit margin over the years.

4. Uber Business Model Screen

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (5)

Another business model screenshot worth studying is that of Uber. When this company was founded, it caused a stir in the industry. So it's no surprise that the organization quickly became the behemoth it is today, with a presence in countries around the world.

What distinguishes this diagram from other business model canvas examples is that the value proposition and customer segment contain two separate groups. If you take a look at these sections, you will notice that it tries to serve both customers and drivers.

5. Netflix Business Model Canvas

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (6)

Netflix wasn't always the company we know it as today. After the launch of the subscription-based platform, the screenshot of the business model has also been significantly modified. Right now, the brand's value proposition is to deliver on-demand entertainment from anywhere on any device.

An interesting element when studying this business model screen is the customer segment of the company. Although it claims to be movie buffs, we know that Netflix has attracted an even bigger audience because of its huge catalog. This fact increases their main revenue stream, which you can see is subscriptions.

6. Google Business Model Screen

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (7)

Of all the business model canvas examples, Google offers a distinct approach that we also saw with Uber. This is the clear distinction between business user segments. Each pursues a different value proposition that creates a different revenue stream.

Another thing worth mentioning is that on this particular business model screen, the customer relationship and channels sections are empty. This is possible because one of Google's main key partners are OEMs. This partnership continues to bring more and more new users to existing ones.

7. Zara Business Model canvas

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (8)

The next business model screenshot we'll look at is from Zara. This brand is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry as it is one of the main names in fast fashion. In fact, we can see that the business model has women, men and children as its customer segment. This explains the wide variety of clothing you can find in Zara stores.

One of the most interesting elements in this chart that makes it stand out from the rest is the key features section. In this case, we see that Zara lists inventory (which is to be expected) as key key resources, but also its large store network and supply chain infrastructure. When you consider the speed with which the brand launches new collections, it's easy to see why these elements are part of the brand's resources.

8. Tesla Business Model Display

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (9)

Another business model canvas to look to for inspiration is that of Tesla. One of the distinctions you'll notice here is that this tech giant is trying to appeal to a specific user segment. Green buyers are eco-conscious consumers who are willing to invest in new technologies that are kind to the environment. That's why Tesla's core business is so important. Electric power technologies are more sustainable compared to other vehicles. In addition, the company has a strong research and development department that is constantly looking for improvements.

9. Amazon Business Model Canvas

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (10)

Taking a look at Amazon's business model screen, you'll notice that it's basically what you'd find in an online store. Of course, the canvas of the business model is much broader in the case of Amazon, as it is one of the largest organizations in the world.

As we have seen in other cases, Amazon has many customer segments. More specifically, it aims to attract retail customers and business partners. This is also evident in their revenue streams that come from different sources.

10. Airbnb Business Model Screen

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (11)

The last example of a business model canvas we will look at is Airbnb. This is another brand that has two distinct customer segments, hosts and travelers. The brand offers a platform where both types of its customers can communicate and interact. Revenue comes from the commissions Airbnb receives from each booking.

How to design a business template canvas

All of the above business template canvas examples were created withBoard mix. This online whiteboard tool gives you an infinite canvas to create any type of diagram you might need. In fact, the application offers a variety of ready-made templates to make the job even easier, such as an example of a coffee shop business template screen. And when you're done, you can share your business model screenshot via a share link. That way, your entire team can access it from any device.

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The steps to design a sample business model screen with Boardmix are as follows:

Step 1. Select Business Template Screen Template from Template Center.

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (13)

Step 2. Identify the nine key elements and divide them into the appropriate sections. The templates you'll find on Boardmix already break the board down into the necessary building blocks.

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (14)

Step 3. Create virtual sticky notes and place them on the most appropriate item. In Boardmix, you can just drag them.

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (15)

Step 4. Edit the sample business model screen until it meets your requirements. Click Share to allow the rest of your team to access it.

10 Business Model Canvas Examples to Inspire You (16)


In this article, we have seen several examples of business model canvases that will inspire you. It doesn't matter if your requirements are sample food business model screenshot, sample coffee shop business model screenshot or sample Tesla business screenshot, you will find creative ideas to implement on your own. So you can create your ownBoard mixaccount to start drawing a business model screen, as well as a variety of other diagrams.


What is a real life example of a business model? ›

For instance, direct sales, franchising, advertising-based, and brick-and-mortar stores are all examples of traditional business models. There are hybrid models as well, such as businesses that combine internet retail with brick-and-mortar stores or with sporting organizations like the NBA.

What is an example of a company using the Business Model Canvas? ›

Like Airbnb, Uber uses the platform service model to connect customers to providers, in this case, drivers. Their technology infrastructure makes their business operations possible. In both platform service examples, both companies can look to their technology to expand their products and services.

How does Business Model Canvas apply in life? ›

"The Business Model Canvas helps visualize what is important and forces users to address key areas,” he says. “It can also be used by a team (employees and/or advisors) to understand relationships and reach agreements."

Why is Business Model Canvas important to my life? ›

The importance of business model canvas is that it offers a high-level analysis, provides important insights, and a greater understanding of your venture, all while avoiding getting bogged down in the details.

What is the best example of business model innovation? ›

Netflix's transition from a DVD rental service to a subscription-based streaming platform, Airbnb's disruption of the hotel industry with a peer-to-peer home-sharing model, and Tesla's direct-to-consumer sales model for electric vehicles are examples of successful business model innovations.

What is an example of a business-to-business model? ›

In B2B, a business that manufactures products, services, or software sells to another business that can use them as raw materials. Retailers selling to wholesalers are one of the business-to-business examples. A company that produces and sells automobile parts is also part of business-to-business sales.

What is Walmart's business model? ›

The Walmart business model is based on providing low prices for products and services while employing strategies such as economies of scale, everyday low prices (EDLP), price leadership, international expansion, and e-commerce.

What is a good Business Model Canvas? ›

The Business Model Canvas is a business tool used to visualise all the building blocks when you want to start a business, including customers, route to market, value proposition and finance. You could also try the Lean Canvas, a 20min, 1-page business plan template that helps you pull apart your idea.

What are the 9 components of the Business Model Canvas example? ›

The Business Model Canvas consists of nine essential parts: Customer Segments, Value Proposition, Revenue Streams, Channels, Customer Relationships, Key Activities, Key Resources, Key Partners, and Cost Structure.

How can a Business Model Canvas make a business idea stronger? ›

The Business Model Canvas is powerful because it enables startup teams to see how the building blocks are interrelated and how these relationships can be modified to increase efficiency and effectiveness. It's a powerful visual template that can be used not only at the beginning stages of a startup, but indefinitely.

What is the most important part of the Business Model Canvas? ›

Perhaps the most important part of your canvas is the customer segments. If you don't know who your business is catering to you'll never be able to sell to them. You need to figure out who your customers are and why they would buy from you.

How do you create a successful business model? ›

Define the problem you're going to solve, then define the customers for which the problem will be solved. Next, identify the customer and the problem. After that, define a set of possible solutions. After, define a set of possible monetization strategies for that solution, test, and choose your business model.

What did you learn from Business Model Canvas? ›

You'll learn to identify and communicate the nine key elements of a business model: Customer Segments, Value Proposition, Channels, Customer Relationships, Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partners, Revenue Streams, and Cost Structure.

What are the benefits of a business model? ›

Business models help new businesses determine product types, labor availability, marketing strategies, distribution, delivery, sales process, price strategies, and customer payment methods. For large companies, the business model used impacts regularly updating business plan targets.

What are the benefits of a Business Model Canvas? ›

The business model canvas helps you with the execution steps requirement to take your idea to market. Connecting the dots between your value proposition + customer segments + revenue streams, is a good input to your marketing strategy, positioning statement as well as your Sales strategy.

Is Netflix a business model? ›

Netflix Business Model Short Description Netflix is a subscription-based business model making money with three simple plans: basic, standard, and premium, giving access to stream series, movies, and shows. Leveraging on a streaming platform, Netflix generated over $31.6 billion in 2022.

Is Amazon a business model? ›

Amazon runs a platform business model as the core with many other business units within the core model. Some units such as Prime and the advertising business are heavily linked to e-commerce platforms. For example, Prime helps reward Amazon customers, thus growing its platform business.

What is Tesla's business model? ›

Tesla's business model is based on direct sales and service, not franchised dealerships. Tesla's business model pays particular attention to rolling out charging stations. That may be the biggest obstacle to the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

What is the business model of Apple? ›

Apple's business model is based on innovation and consumer-centric devices. They are able to keep their base due to easy-to-use designs and data migration to new product lines. Microsoft built its success on the licensing of software such as Windows and Office Suite.


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